Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Micromax X088+ Battery Error, Charging Error, Not Charging & Battery Temperature Error Solution

In this topic I will show you, how you can solve battery Micromax x088+ keypad phone charging errors, such battery errors, charging errors, not charging and battery temperature errors or battery BSI line jumper solution, so please go through the topic you will know the complete battery charging solution for Micromax keypad phone X088+.

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Micromax Charging Error Solution
Please check the below image and watch carefully the jumper diagram to know the charging error solution on your Micromax Keypad phone C088+ basic phone.

Charging Error Issues: If you are facing charging issue on any mobile phone such as charging error, not charging error, battery temperature errors, battery temperature too high, charging stops after few minutes, that means the phone has BSI line damaged, that means the middle point of battery connector being disconnected from charging ic which called BSI line so you need to check the BSI connectivity to solve this issue, here for example you will get Micromax X088+ BSI line jumper please check the below image.

Micromax X088+ BSI ways 
Micromax X088+ BSI line jumper HD Image Diagram

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