Monday, June 29, 2020

How to message to a number on WhatsApp without adding in contacts?

Hello friends, welcome to today we will learn a new technique to send a message on whatsapp to a number that not in your contact list. so friends please go through the post and learn how to do this.

How to Message to a Number on WhatsApp Without Adding in Contact

There are 2 ways to send a message to number on whatsapp without adding in contacts.

1- Using link.
2- Using third party application.

1- Using link:

Type in Google search number with country code, see the below example.

Type like this in Google search and click on SEARCH.

Now press enter or click on search, it will open in whatsapp with the new chat window where you can text or make video call etc.


Here is the 2 applications which can be used for sending message to a number on WhatsApp that not in your contact list.  one is "Click to chat" and another one is "Easy Message".


  • Download it from Google Play store.
  • Open the application.
  • Enter the Country code then number.
  • Now click on Open.
  • Now it will open in WhatsApp.
  • Then you can message to that number on WhatsApp.

B) Easy Message:

  • Install and open "Easy Message"
  • Enter phone number.
  • Click on start chat in WhatsApp.
  • Then it will open in WhatsApp.
  • Now send message to the number.

So friends in this way you can send text or make video call to a direct number without adding it to contacts list, hope you got the details, if you need to watch the video tutorial in Hindi then please visit our YOUTUBE channel.

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