Sunday, October 11, 2020

Unable to Boot and Install Windows 10 From USB Pen Drive (Rufus) - Solved

Unable to Boot and Install Windows 10 From USB Pen Drive (Rufus) - Solved

Hi friends in this video I will show the complete process to create a bootable USB drive (Windows 10) using rufus tool and if you are not able to boot or install the Windows form USB Pen Drive then this video will help you to findout the solution, so please watch the video till end (in Hindi) and create a bootable Pen drive to install Windows on your PC. Thank You!


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This drive was created by Rufus []

It can boot in UEFI mode Only but you are trying to 

boot it in BIOS/Legacy Mode. THIS WILL NOT WORK!

To remove this message you need to do ONE of the following:

If this computer supports UEFI, go to your UEFI settings and lower

or disable the priority of CSM/Legacy Mode.

OR Recreate the drive in Rufus and use:

*Partition scheme -> MBR.

*Target system -> BIOS (...)

OR Erase the whole drive in Rufus by selecting

* Boot Type -> Non bootable

Note: You may also see this message if you installed a new OS and your computer

is unable to boot that OS in UEFI Mode.

Please remove this media and press any key to reboot

Download RUFUS

Windows 10 ISO Download Link

Open rufus tool and Select the Windows 10 ISO file

Choose Windows 10 ISO

Choose MBR Here

rufus settings must like this, please verify carefully

Click on Start - Minimum 8GB Pen Drive required 

Click on OK

After complete it will work on old BIOS also

Please wait until the process complete

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