Huawei Y541-U02 Emergency Call Only SOLVED ..

Here is the tutorial for Huawei Y541-U02 Android smart phone Emergency call only problem and how to solve this. The below is the step by step way to solve "Emergency call only" or "No Service" problem on Huawei Y541 U02 Android smartphone.

Emergency Call Only  Huawei Y541

There are two types of file available for Huawei Y541, one is SD update and another is PC Update .pac file, sometimes if you update using SD card using recovery mode this may cause for the "Emergency call" on the phone due to mismatch of the firmware or may be the version or may the CPU details of the phone. 

Yesterday I faced the same problem, flashed/update the Y541 U02 Phone using SD card (Version Y541-U02_V100R001C567B109), after update success there is no network on the phone it shows "emergency call only". So I search the Internet and found another version/type file for the phone, it was in .pac format and can be update using PC, then I used this file for Huawei phone and now it's working fine.

Y541 U02 Flash OK SPD CPU ( Y541-U02_V100R001C567B105_PC_Update_Asia Pacific PAC File )
Download Huawei Firmware Update


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