Thursday, September 22, 2016

Huawei Y541-U02 Emergency Call Only SOLVED ..

Here is the tutorial for Huawei Y541-U02 Android smart phone Emergency call only problem and how to solve this. The below is the step by step way to solve "Emergency call only" or "No Service" problem on Huawei Y541 U02 Android smartphone.

Emergency Call Only  Huawei Y541

There are two types of file available for Huawei Y541, one is SD update and another is PC Update .pac file, sometimes if you update using SD card using recovery mode this may cause for the "Emergency call" on the phone due to mismatch of the firmware or may be the version or may the CPU details of the phone. 

Yesterday I faced the same problem, flashed/update the Y541 U02 Phone using SD card (Version Y541-U02_V100R001C567B109), after update success there is no network on the phone it shows "emergency call only". So I search the Internet and found another version/type file for the phone, it was in .pac format and can be update using PC, then I used this file for Huawei phone and now it's working fine.

Y541 U02 Flash OK SPD CPU ( Y541-U02_V100R001C567B105_PC_Update_Asia Pacific PAC File )
Download Huawei Firmware Update


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    1. Please read the whole topic carefully then put your valuable comments.

      This topic is only if you flash wrong firmware which cause "emergency call only" to recover the phone use the given version of firmware of huawei model and flash the phone it will be OK, personally tried and success.

      Just check what was the condition of the phone, there are two reason for Emergency call, one is firmware/software problem and other one is hardware problem, if the phone comes to repair due to emergency call problem, then this may be due to hardware problem you must check first.

      In this topic I mention that, after flashing the huawei y541-u02, shows emergency call, before the phone was OK, so I flash with the above version of the Huawei firmware and it's OK.

      All the tips and tricks about Mobile Hardware or Software and other technical things are posting here after tested, if we are satisfy with the process we follow to repair a phone or device then on the next day we post the tutorial in this website to share the knowledge with the Internet world .

      Any way thanks for your valuable comment

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    2. Hey bro its fake flash after same problem?

  2. Hey bro its fake flash after same problem?

    1. As I told before:

      What was the condition of the phone while you flash, if the phone has no service or emergency calls only on huawei Y541, then it must be the hardware problem.

      Here in this topic the phone was some software issue but SIM cards and signals are working fine on this, but when flash the phone with another version firmware file of huawei Y541-U02 it shows emergency call, then I search the Internet and got another file and flash the phone and it's OK. So I share the solution here.

      Remember the solution is only for "After flash shows Emergency call" on Huawei Y541 and not for the hardware problem.

    2. i am Srinivas Hi sir honor bee Y541-U02 Mobile, my phone is emergency calls only, i am also update Y541-U02_V100R001C567B108 but emergency calls only r no service massage now how to solve this problem

    3. any mobile flash software download link please send my mail

    4. Hi Download the below firmware and flash with SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R3.0.0001

      Y541-U02_V100R001C567B105 PAC File

      After download extract the zip file, you will get a .pac file, flash the pac file using SPD Upgrade Download Tool on Computer.

  3. flash with ur given flashfile
    but problem same
    before flash its okk

  4. same i did..because i was untick / uncheck nv nv w etc should not uncheck let it flash trough research just load pac then start..shouln't untick or change anything....i was flash 2 phone y541-u02 i use tutorial in web and order to uncheck setting research nv etc the result is imei null....and i flash another one and not change any setting the result is oke...until now 1 phone useless..need nv file to fix it..this spreadrum chipset dificult to backup nv from normal phone by any tool and i dont know how to back up use research..may someone givea us nv file..only it can make imei null fixed


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