Friday, September 16, 2016

Nokia 5130 Motherboard Full Short Solution - Free Computer Tricks

Here is the topic about Nokia 5130 Mobile phone, how to remove short on the Nokia 5130 PCB or board. and here is the tutorial how to repair Nokia 5130 it it's short. If you are a mobile technician then you may know how to check whether the Mobile motherboard is short or not. 

Due to Mobile motherboard short you may face the following problems:
  • Mobile not switched on
  • Battery getting heat
  • Mobile is in Dead condition
So here is the solution for short problem on Mobile Motherboard, for example Nokia 5130, see the below image to solve the short problem. Just remove the capacitor near battery connector.

Nokia 5130 Full Short Solution Done
Remove the capacitor as shown on the above image, now check the Nokia 5130 and it will switch on, before do that check with the multi meter to confirm, that the motherboard short is gone. 

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