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How to Submit Website or Blog To Web Search Engine : Add URL to MSN, Google, Yahoo

Here is another topic to know how you can submit your Blogs and websites to the Popular search Engines, to Visible your site in the Search Results. If you are blogger or website owner then you must need to submit your website to popular search engine on the Internet, it's help you to index your website on the search results, so users can visit your blog or webpage and ultimately it will increase your audience and finally you get more visitors day by day.

Here is the Example, How to add website URL (Universal Resource Locator) to MSN, Google, Yahoo Search Engines. Just submit the home website URL and it's not required to submit all the webpages having in your website. For example this is our website and we have so many content or pages or posts, so in that case just submit main website URL and the search engine will do the reset. When a user search using these web search engines the search engine scan whole website and if the website have the answer then it will index your content in the search results. The search results are always ranks with good and quality content and if your website have the quality and informative content then it will show on the first or second search result page otherwise it may go to any other search result page or may to last page.
How to Submit Website or Blog To Web Search Engine - Add URL to MSN, Google, Yahoo

How to Submit Website To Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engine?

If you want to submit your website to search engines, then here is answer to know the step by step process to submit website to most popular web search engines, please go through this article to know the complete process and visit the web search submission links below.

Add Website URL to MSN or Bing

Click Here to Submit your URL

Go to the above page and submit your site to Bing search engine. Using this method you will not receive any data Bing is willing to share about your website. You can also submit the site to Bing using Bing's webmaster tools, but here you need to register or Sign Up. If you use Bing webmaster tool then it's better then the direct URL submission, because using webmaster tool you do more and better.

Visit Bing Webmaster Tools

How to Submit Website to Google Search Engine?

You can also add your website to indexing on Google for free, just visit Submit URL Google (link given below) and Login or Sign-Up there and submit your website to one of the most popular search engine on the Internet, Google also has the webmaster tools and to add URL you must visit the Google webmaster tools page and login using your Google account and submit your website for free and as you know in webmaster tools you can track the website performance.

Google Webmaster Tools

Sign in to Webmaster Tools using your Google user name and password
Enter your URL or website address

Submit Request

How to Submit Website To Yahoo?

In the same process you can add your website or blog to Yahoo search engine. click on "Submit a Website or Webpage"Enter the URL Of website then click on Submit URL. Sign in using your yahoo account Then you will get a massage "Thank you! Your URL has been added to our list of URLs to crawl. Please expect a delay of several weeks before your URL is crawled"

Submit Your Site To Yahoo Here

In this way you can submit your site to most popular web search engines on Internet. As I said before if you have a blog or website then it's must to submit the site to search engine to grow your audience and also it very helpful to visitors to get the quality content if your webpage has.
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To get best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) write your own content and do not copy other website content. One more thing is always give the right, good and quality articles to your visitors and the topic must be well described.

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