Monday, October 31, 2011

How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows PC - Using Free Recovery Tool

You have an Operating System with programs like word, Excel, Photoshop etc. when you create a Document using Microsoft Word then save, it takes a portion of Hard Drive to Save the Document and also create a pointer/index/Link to that Document. That means when you create documents and save on the hard disk it creates an icon, those icons are called pointers to those documents and the icon knows where your document is. All the Operating System like Linux, Mac, Windows etc. has this feature.

Suppose you delete a document and empty the Recycle Bin. Actually what happens the computer does not delete the document itself, its only delete the pointer/link to that document. Then the operating system does not recognize where is the document stored and no longer protects the file or document.when you create another document or installing any software  the file will be over written because it's not protected by the operating system.
How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows PC - Using Free Recovery  Tool
So, when you accidentally deleted an important file, do not use the computer, download Data Recovery software like Recuva for your Windows Computer because it's free, just open google search then type Recuva you will get it. Install the Recuva software and scan for deleted files then you will recover the file you have deleted. If you are using other Operating System then you can search Google for the suitable Data Recovery Software for the PC.

It is always safe not to install Recuva on the Hard Drive where you have deleted the file. When you deleted a file just turn off the system and pull out the hard drive then install Recuva on another system and connect that Hard Disk then scan. 

But some times you can not Recover your deleted files and the causes are :-

If you deleted a file and wait for 10 days or a month and continuously using the computer, create new files, installing some software then the file will be overwritten, in that situation you will not able to recover the deleted file.

If you are using secure file deletion software, you will not able to recover the deleted file because when you delete a file using this software it is not only delete the pointer to that document but also delete the file itself.

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