Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to Backup and Restore Windows Registry

While you are searching the web for computer problems or tricks you may get some solution that told you to Edit or modify the Registry, before you going to do that the whole registry must be backed up, because if you make any mistake and forgot the steps that you have made then its difficult to recover the registry for which you will face some problems in your PC. If there is a wrong entry or delete a wrong Registry key then the Windows Computer may fails to work and sometimes it may not Start and continuously restarts. So why not backup the whole registry first, to do that please go through the below article.

In this tutorial you will get to know how to Backup the Windows Computer Registry and in case any wrong happens to the Windows Operating System then you can restore the same. Please go through this article to know the process of backup and restore Windows Registry.
How to Backup and Restore Windows Registry

How to Export or Backup Windows Registry:-
  • Click Start, then click Run or (Windows Key + R)
  • In the Run dialog box type regedit then click OK.
  • The Windows Registry Editor will open.
  • Now Click On the File Menu then Click Export.
  • In the export registry file save in box chose the the location and type a file name such as Windows Registry Backup then click Save.
  • You can also select the button at the bottom,whether you want to export all or selected branches of the registry.
  • Its always better to back up whole Windows registry so let's do it. 
How to Restore the Windows Registry:-

To restore the registry keys just double click the .reg file that you have saved and click Yes to confirm or Open the registry editor, on the file menu click import then select the .reg file and click on Open.

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Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
=> Windows key + D = Shows The Desktop
=> Windows key + M = Minimizes All Open Windows
=> Windows key + Shift + M = Maximizes All Open Windows

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