Windows Run Commands or Shortcuts

Some important Run commands for windows, type these commands in Run dialog box and press Enter.

For example if you type compmgmt.msc and hit Enter it will open the Computer management, which we normally open through right click on My Computer then click on Manage.

compmgmt.msc  -----   Computer management
command / cmd  -----    Opens command prompt
devmgmt.msc  -------    Device manager
diskmgmt.msc  ------    Disk management
dfrg.msc  -------------    Disk defrag
eventvwr.msc --------    Event viewer
fsmgmt.msc ---------    Shared folders
gpedit.msc   ---------    Group policies

---------   Local users and groups

perfmon.msc ---------    Performance
secpol.msc  -----------    Local security settings
services.msc ----------   Services
msconfig ---------------  System Configuration Utility
regedit -----------------  Registry Editor
msinfo32  -------------  System Information
win.ini  ----------------- windows loading information
winver ------------------ Shows current version of windows
mailto: ----------------- Opens default email client


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