Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Prevent Access to Drives of My Computer

Sometimes we need to prevent users to access the hard drives in My Computer, for that most of the people use various third party software, but Microsoft windows has it's own inbuilt option to do that. If you enable this setting in "Group Policy" user cannot open folders and access the contents of these Drive, Also they cannot use the Run dialog box to view the files and folders on these drives. To lock or block your computer hard disk use the following setting in Group Policy and it helps you to lock the drive and without your permission nobody can access it.

Log in as Administrator on your Windows PC and then do the Group Policy settings to prevent access to the drives. When you set this as Administrator no other user can turn it off and can not access to the Hard Disk Drives in your My Computer, after enabling it other users can see the drives but can not open it so your all personal and important computer data are safe. Prevent access to drives of My computer using group policy, is the inbuilt feature of Windows operating system and you do not need to use any third party applications to lock My computer drives. Please go through the below steps to lock the drives of your computer which completely free on Microsoft Windows Personal Computer.
How to Prevent Access to drives of My Computer - Lock or Hide Hard Disk Drives

To use this settings go through the following steps:-
  • Click on the start button then run or simply hit Windows key + R on the keyboard type gpedit.msc in run dialog box then press Enter.
  • The Group Policy window will appear double click on Administrative Templates under User Configuration.
  • Then Double click on Windows Components then click on Windows Explorer and from the right panel double click on the "Prevent access to drives from My Computer" select Enabled and chose a combination from the drop down box you can select Restrict All drives to restrict all drives or select one of the combinations.
  • Then click Apply & OK.
How to Disable It?
If you want to disable this feature or Windows, then just follow the above steps instead of selecting "Restrict All Drives" or any other particular drive just select "Do not restrict drives" or as you can there are 3 options "Not Configured" "Enable" and "Disable" just select Disable and click on Apply then OK. In this case all users can view files and folders which you have in your Hard Disk Drive and also they can modify it.

Lock My Hard Drive or Hide My Drive Using Software:

You can also lock or hide your drive by using third party software available on Internet. Here we are giving  some links to popular My Computer drive locker software for Windows PC such as Lock My Drive Free Locker, Disk Drive Security and HDD drive lock free.

Lock My Drive Free Locker | Download
Disk Drive Security 3.6 | Download
Hard Disk Drive lock | Download
    So if you want the Computer user should not access your Hard Disk Drives, then you can do it without using any special software or application on your PC. Use the above settings in the Group Policy and prevent access to the Computer drivers. You can stop access to the all Hard drive partitions such as C: Drive, D: Drive, E: Drive etc. and if you need to prevent access to a particular drive choose the option "Restrict C drive only" or Restrict D drive Only" and so on. If you want to prevent access to all drives just select the option "Restrict all drives". This feature is very helpful for those who has important data on the computer and computer has several users.

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