Thursday, November 3, 2011

Create a Shortcut For Shutdown, Restart and Log-off

Normally to shutdown a computer, click on Start Button then click on Turn Off Computer then again click on Turn Off. So we have to follow three steps to shutting down a computer why not with a single click. Did you know that you can Create shortcuts on your desktop for shutdown, restart and Log off.

Follow these steps below to Create shortcut for shutdown
  • Go to the desktop and right click then New Choose Shortcut. 
  • The Create Shortcut wizard will open. 
  • Type shutdown -s -t 0 then click next 
    (If you are an advance user then you must know that,it's a command to shutdown the computer, where Shutdown is for execute shutdown.exe in system directory, -s Shutdown the computer and -t Set timeout for shutdown to xx seconds. If you want more help with this command open the command prompt and type shutdown or shutdown/? to get more)
    • Type a name for the Shortcut Let it be Shutdown or type any name for it Click Finish.
    How to create a shutdown button on your Windows Computer

    • Now you have the Shutdown shortcut on the desktop Just Double click on it, the computer will be shutdown with 0 second delay.
    Select a Title for the Program - Windows Shutdown button

    • If you want to change the icon, right click on the icon go to Properties 
    • Click on Change icon it will say "%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe Contains no icons Choose an icon from the list or specify a different file" Click on OK and select an icon from the list then click OK then Click OK again.
    For Restart and Log off the Procedure is same but the command line is different as bellow.
    Restart: shutdown -r -t 0
    Logoff: shutdown -l -t 0

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