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You must have notice that Whenever you insert a SIM card other then Bsnl in your Bsnl 3G Data Card and open the BSNL 3G program to access internet on your computer, a massage appears and says that "Invalid SIM" then the application closes.It happens because BSNL 3G Data Card does not support other SIM cards like Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, docomo etc. only you have to use BSNL SIM cards.

But don't worry about that, now you can use other SIM cards in the BSNL 3G Data Card by doing some Registry settings on your computer. This Trick will work on any version of Windows.I have tested the trick on Teracom BSNL 3G Data Card LW273 and it's working fine. Just follow the steps below.

How You Can Use Other SIM Card On Your BSNL 3G Data Card?
  • Go to your Registry Editor (Start ->Run Type regedit then press Enter)
  • Double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIN then SOFTWARE
  • Now come down and click on Linktop3G
  • Then Double Click on Engineer from the right panel
  • Change the default Value data from 1 to 0 then click OK and close the Registry Editor.
  • Then close the BSNL 3G Application and check the process if the BSNL 3G.exe is running then end the process or simply you can Restart the Computer. 
Now the Bsnl Data card is unlocked, put any operator SIM in your BSNL 3G Data Card and open the application it will not show any error message. If you are changing SIM card then you must configure the Access Point Name (APN) on the Data card, To know all operator APN please go thorough the below details.

How to Use Airtel SIM Card on BSNL 3G Data Card?

For Example: If you want to use Airtel SIM Card on your BSNL 3G Data Card, please follow the below settings and apply on the Data Card.
  • Open the BSNL 3G Application
  • Click on Settings then click on Connection
  • Click on Add to Add New Profile
Profile Name - Airtel
Number - *99#
User Name - None (should be empty)
Password - None (should be empty)
How to Use Other SIM Cards in our
Click on Apply then click on Set Default
Now click Connect button to get connected to the internet.


APN: rcomnet
Number: *99#

APN: internet
Number: *99#

Number: *99#

APN: bsnlnet
Number: *99#

APN: bsnlnet
Number: *99#

APN: www
Number: *99#  

In this way you can use any other SIM cards on your BSNL 3G Data Card, So please do the above settings and follow the complete tutorial then you can use Internet connection on your Windows Laptop or Desktop Computer using BSNL Data card.


  1. works!! Superb solution. Really Great and Simple. Thank you very much

    1. So Nice of you Mr. Sharath and Thanks for the Comments

  2. Does not work for windows 8 or 8.1 though. linktop 3G cannot be found

  3. All the Visitors are Welcome to put their valuable comments, If you are facing any problem with the tutorials then ask it through comment, I will try to solve these problem as soon as possible.

    Parthasarathi Panda
    Have A Great Day

  4. mr. panda i cant find linktop3G option over there...if u could please healp me i would appreciate it greatly.

    1. Hello Mr. Salim If you facing the problem to edit the registry then you can try the new method to use any sim card in the BSNL 3G DATA CARD. TO DO THAT PLEASE VISIT THE

  5. did everything as you said but still other sim dosent work

    1. All the Tips and Tricks on this Website has been tested by Me. So please read carefully and follow the steps to use other SIM cards in BSNL 3G data card.

      This Trick is work fine fir Me.

      Else Use the easiest method

      Visit the link below for more details about the new method


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