Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Backup Kaspersky Antivirus Settings

If you are using Kaspersky Antivirus on your Computer and you need to Format your computer, then you are going to lose your Kaspersky settings and Registration. If you lost the Kaspersky Serial Number then it's difficult to register again on the Kaspersky Lab Activation server. So it's better to back up the whole settings of Kaspersky which helps to restore the settings and activation information when you format the Computer, so here is the complete process to backup and restore Kaspersky Antivirus configuration, please follow the below steps.

So Back up the Kaspersky Antivirus Settings before Formatting the computer, because after formatting you have to configure the settings again and some times while you Entering the activation key it may says that "you have reach the maximum number of activation" and that massage will continuously popping up while using the computer.
How to Backup Kaspersky Antivirus Settings

Here is the way how you can Back-up/Save and Load your Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 Settings. The procedure is almost same for the all version of Kaspersky Antivirus and Internet Security. 

How to Back up Kaspersky Settings
  • Click on the Kaspersky (K) icon on the Task Bar or Start -> Programs -> Kaspersky Anti-Virus -> Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012.
  • Click on the Settings (Top Right Corner of the Kaspersky Window)
  • Click on the Last Icon For Advanced Settings
  • Click Manage Settings
  • Click Save Button form the Right Panel, Chose a Safe Location for the File and give a name then click save.If you want to Format whole Hard Drive then copy the file to a pen drive.
How to Load the Settings

First install Kaspersky do not Activate it, Just follow the above procedure again and click on Load Button then select the .cfg file that you have saved then click Open, then Apply, OK. Go to Manage License and Enter the activation code then click Next. Now you have the Kaspersky Antivirus with your Previous Settings.

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