Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to Install Windows Xp Step By Step - Fresh Installation of Windows Xp (Part 4)

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Part 4 Last

18) After restart you will get a message "To improve the appearance of visual elements, Windows will automatically adjust your screen resolution". Click on OK to continue.

19)  Windows adjusted your screen resolution, If you can read this text, Click OK to continue.

20) Welcome to Microsoft Windows, Thank you for purchasing Microsoft Windows XP. Click Next to continue.
Welcome to Microsoft Windows (Figure 20)
21) Windows automatic updates, Select "Help protect my PC by turning on Automatic Updates now" and Click NEXT

Automatic Updates (Figure 21)
22) Checking for Internet connection, Click Skip to continue.

23) Register with Microsoft, Click Yes if you want to register, if not then Click No. Then Click Next

Register with Microsoft (Figure 23)
24) User Accounts. Enter your name and you can add users here.

User Accounts (Figure 24)
25) This is the last step where you will get a Thank you Message from Windows. Click Finish to go to the Desktop.

Thank You (Figure 25)
26) Your Desktop Looks like this after complete the installation of Windows XP Professional.

Your Desktop (Figure 26)
    Now you have successfully completed the Windows XP Professional on your computer. Click on Start to Continue and access your programs. Install any software to use like MS Office etc.

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