Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to Install Windows Xp Step By Step - Fresh Installation of Windows Xp (Part 3)

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Part 3

11) Regional and Language Options, Click Next
Regional and Language Options (Figure 11)
12)Personalize Your Software, give your name and company or organization. Click Next

Personalize Your Software (Figure 12)

13) Type your product key and Click Next, 25 character product key which is generally on the CD package.
Product Key (Figure 13)
14) Computer Name and Administrator Password, you must provide a name and an Administrator password for your computer. If you do not want to give any password for the computer then just provide a computer name.
Computer Name and Administrator Password (Figure 14)
15) Data and Time Setting, Set the correct date and time for your computer according to your time zone. (GMT +5:30) For India.

Date and Time Setting (Figure 15)
 16) Networking Settings, Select Typical settings and Click Next.

Networking Settings (Figure 16)
17) Workgroup or Computer Domain, If the computer is not on a network or is on a network without a domain. Make this computer a member of Workgroup.

Workgroup or Computer Domain (Figure 17)
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