Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to Integrate Drivers to Windows XP CD Using nLite

Here I am going to show how you can integrate drivers to the Windows Xp CD using nLite. Driver integration means to add the drivers such as AHCI Driver and Motherboard drivers or any other required driver to the operating system CD. It is very helpful, if you are running same configuration computer in the office or home, just integrate the motherboard drivers to the XP CD, after installing the OS no need to install the motherboard driver again, through which you can save the time. To integrate Driver follow the steps below. For example here I am going to integrate AHCI (Version for windows xp 32bit and the driver folder name is f6flpy-x86.
  • Download and install nLite (Search Google and Download)
  • Copy the Xp CD to Computer (Create a folder XPCD and copy the XP CD into it)
  • Open nLite click Next
  • Click on the Browse and select the folder of Windows Xp, which you have copied to computer, then click Next
  • Click Next
  • Click on Drivers Button and Click Next
Driver Integration nLite
  • Click on Insert (Single Driver or Multiple Driver Folder) here select single driver and open your driver folder (f6flpy-x86) select iaAHCI and Click Open.
Driver Integration nLite
  • Select Textmode driver and select the drivers from the Textmode integration options Ctrl+A to select all or select the driver you want to integrate Hold CTRL to select multiple items.
Driver Integration nLite
  • Again select all CTRL+A and Click Next
Driver Integration nLite
  • Do you want to start the process? Click Yes
  • Wait until it finished then click Next
  • Click Finish to exit the nLite 
Now the driver has been integrated to the windows xp, in this way you can integrate motherboard drivers to your CD, after integrating the motherboard drivers to the windows xp you do not need to install drivers after installing windows xp, it will install automatically along with the windows xp Operating System.

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