Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Resize Partitions Without Deleting and Loosing Data

This tutorial is about the  resizing Hard Disk partitions without loosing data, using a software called partition wizard. The partition wizard home edition is free for home user only.

MiniTool partition wizard home edition is a free partition manager software which supports both 32bit and 64bit windows Operating System including Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Using this software you can do resizing, Copying, Create, Extend, Split, Delete, Format, Convert, Explore, Hide partition and also you can Change drive letter, Set active partition as well. You can download this software form Internet and it's free.

Here is the tutorial and step by step procedure to resizing partition as below:

The partition wizard home edition is running on Windows 7 64bit Operating System. 

1) Now open partition wizard home edition, where you will find the total partitions on the computer and here you can move/resize partition. As you can see (Figure 1) 3 partitions are there and I am going to resize these three partitions.
Partition Wizard (Figure 1)
2) Select the partition and click on Move/Resize button. Drag the partition from left end, you can see the Unallocated Space before and partition size. Drag form left means to make space before the partition, which can help to increase the next partition size (D Drive). Drag from right will help to make a new partition. here we resizing partition so drag from left and click on OK (see figure 2).
Partition Wizard (Figure 2)
3) Now select D Drive, you will find unallocated space after the partition, just drag it to right and click on Ok. Then Click on Apply then Yes. Now we have increased the size of D Drive.
Partition Wizard (Figure 3)
4) If you want to increase the size of C Drive, then select D Drive and drag form left to right. Click OK
Partition Wizard (Figure 4)
5) Now click on C: and drag to right, click OK
Partition Wizard (Figure 5)
6) Click Apply then click on Yes to start the process. wait for few seconds to complete the process then close the partition wizard.
Partition Wizard (Figure 6)
In this way you can resize any partition of the hard disk easily to increase or decrease the partition size as per your requirement.

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