Thursday, February 28, 2013

How To Add A Custom Domain to Your Blog : Crazy Domains

Now a days domains are available with a cheaper price so you can easily buy a domain and apply to your blog. It's always better to have a domain instead of sub domain. Now .in domain is available for a price of Rs. 99 only.

Good news to all my readers and followers, is now, you can also access it by typing

Here I am giving the way through which you can use your purchased domain to your Google blog. For this you need to have a domain name and you should have DNS services activated, here is the example of domain name which is purchased form

Steps to setup custom domain to blog

Login to your crazydomain account and click on the Manage Domains then click on your Domain name.

If you do not have a DNS Services, you should purchase one with Rs. 250/Year, DNS Services is required for Web Forwarding. 

After that Click on App Setup then select Blogger and click on Submit Updates.

Again go to your domain --> DNS Services Click on Records and from the Record type drop down box select CNAME Record.
Now log in to and click on the blog you want set up a custom domain.

Click on Setting, then Add a custom domain then click on Switch to Advanced setting.

Type you domain name starting with www. (example: then click on setting instructions.

From the Blogger Help you will see Where would you like to host your blog? select On a top-level domain (

Then you have to add these two CNAME Record on the DNS Services at crazy domains 

CNAME Records

After making the settings on (The changes will take up to 2 hours to take effect) go to your blog and click on settings ---> Add a custom domain ---> Switch to advanced setting, now type your domain name and click on save. That's all now your blogspot will automatically changed to custom domain.

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