Monday, February 18, 2013

Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense is one of the best monetizing solution for your website or blog to get revenue, but Google has it's own policy, terms and conditions, your site has to go through the same to get approved otherwise your application for Google adsense will not be approved. Most of the people wants to income revenue online or make money online by monetizing their website but all are not getting Adsense approval.

Google Adsense

You may worry When Your Site Doesn’t Get Approved Google Adsense, most of my friends have the same situation, but now a days many Adsense alternatives are available online to monetize your site and you can make some good revenue. So here I am giving some adsense alternatives. You are requested to visit their official site and read the details, then apply for it.

Buy Sell Ads

BuySellAds is One Of The Best Ad Networks Online Today which help publishers make more money, sell more ads. It also available for small publishers to get revenue from their website and You’ll be selling anywhere from $100 - $1,000 in ads per month. BuySellAds Pays 75% of the Revenue twice Via PayPal and the minimum payout Is $50.


Infolinks provides in-text ad service to publishers through which you can monetize the website as well as the text content. For this you need to add the Infolinks HTML code in your site and  automatically some of the word or sentence are hyper-linked and when visitors move the mouse over these links they will see ads.You can use Info links with Adsense. Minimum payment via PayPal, e Check, ACH and Payoneer $50, for Bank Wire Transfer option and Western Union have a minimum threshold requirement of $100. The payment will sent to you within 45 days of the end of the month.


Chitika Online Ad network is also a good monetizing solution for your website like Google Adsense.It also provides Search Targeted Ads, Mobile Ads, Local Ads etc. for websites and blogs. Chitika has a low threshold of $10 via paypan which is good for small publishers and via cheque it's $50. You can also use chitika along with Google adsense.


Through inadda Ad network you can earn extra profits from the websites, Up to 80% revenue paid to the publisher. It has Various Payment Options like PayPal,  Payoneer, Check, Bank Transfer Payment etc.


You can use skimkinks to earn money online from your website content. It also offer an extensive range of products and tools to help you monetize your website.

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