Saturday, March 23, 2013

All Nokia Mobile Secret Codes 2013 / Hard Format, Soft Format, Restore to Factory settings For Your Nokia Mobile; Keypad or Keypad With Touch or Touch Screen Nokia Mobiles

Most Important Nokia secret codes

1) Restore Factory Settings:


Default security lock code for Nokia Phones is 12345 if not changed.

2) Soft Format:


Default lock code is 12345

Note: While formating make sure that your battery should be 75% full.

3) For your Mobile IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity):


4) To check the phone Software Version (Firmware):


5) Hard Format / Hard Reset Nokia Mobiles:

  • Switch off the phone.
  • Hold down the Green (call answer) button, * (Star) button and 3 button, then switch on the mobile
  • When 'Formatting' appear on the screen release all the buttons
  • The procedure normally takes 3-4 minutes approx

Note: The battery should be charged to at-least 75% and the main thing is while formatting starts do not remove the phone battery or do not disturb the process otherwise your phone will be dead.

All Nokia Mobile Secret Codes

To Hard format / Hard reset your touch screen Nokia mobile handset (Only touch screen not the touch with keypad)

  • Press and hold Call button, End button and Camera button then switch on the mobile
  • Here you can't see any massage on the mobile screen, only white screen and blink 2-3 times
  • And finally you will be asked to choose the country region
  • Choose the Country and set Date and Time
  • This process will take 30 seconds to 1 minute approx
  • This has been checked on Nokia 5800 and Nokia 701

6) Enter to the service menu/ To check Warranty:


Displays Serial number (IMEI)
Displays Production date (MM/YYYY)
Displays Purchase date (MM/YY), You can enter/Edit the date once.
Displays Date of last repair (000000=No repair)
To exit this menu press Quit, If no Quit option then you have to turn the phone off and then back on.
In some Nokia mobile the *#92702689# will show the Life Timer

Some more Nokia Mobile secret codes:

*#7370925538# : Reset Wallet Code

*#2820# : Displays Bluetooth (BT) Device Address

*#62209526# : Displays MAC address of the WLAN (WiFi) adapter

*3370# : EFR will be activated after a reboot of the phone (consumes more power)

#3370# : EFR will be switched off after a reboot of the phone

*4720# : Half Rate coded will be activated after a reboot of the phone (better standby time).

#4720# : Half Rate coded will be de-activated after a reboot of the phone.

To check the sim-lock status of your phone is:

MASTERCODE = 1234567890

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