Photoshop PSD Coats For Passport Size Photo : Free 6 .PSD Format coat For You to Edit Your Photos

If you want to edit your photos, specially passport size photos, then here is some coats for your which are in psd format. You can add these coats to your normal passport size photos if you do not have a coat for passport size photo.

Take a photo with normal T-shirt and download the coats, then you can edit and wear these coats by using Adobe Photoshop, if you know photo editing using Photoshop. You can also use it for 4x6 photos.
Photoshop PSD Coat Sample1
Download Photoshop PSD Coats Part 1 in PSD Format Here
Photoshop PSD Coat Sample 2
Download Photoshop PSD Coats Part 2 in PSD Format Here

How to download these files ? Click on the link, you will go Google Drive then Click on File Menu then click on Download to download the file, see the screen shot below.
How to Download PSD Coats From Google Drive Link

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