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Employment Exchange is a government organisation, which provides employment assistance to the unemployed educated youths on the basis of their qualification and experience. All the states of India has the Employment Exchange or the Department of Employment where you cans register your name, qualification and experience to get the job vacancies in the respective States.

As you know most of the Govt. jobs are asking for the Employment Exchange registration number, so the applicant must register his/her name in Employment exchange of the District or in the State employment Exchange to get the valid registration number.

Process of Employment Exchange Registration

To register with employment exchange you have to fill up the required application, whether it's available online or with the Employment Exchange in your State or District where you residing. The Director of Employment is the head of the Employment organisation in the State. You can visit the Directorate of Employment website of your State to check whether the online registration with employment exchange is available or not.

Required Certificates and Documents for employment exchange registration (Online/at the Exchange Office)

All photocopies should be attested by Gazetted Officer and you should have the original certificates and documents to show at the Employment Exchange Office.

  • All your educational certificates
  • Experience-related certificates
  • Caste Certificate
  • Passport Photos
  • Voter Identity Card or any other id proof by the Central/State Government
  • Residence Certificate

Online Registration at Employment Exchange

To Know The State Wise Employment Exchange Registration Information/Information of online registration with Employment Exchange, visit this link http://www.indg.in/e-governance/state-wise-employment-exchange-registration-information

Register with Employment Exchange

Employment Exchange Online Registration Odisha

Below links are helpful to the unemployed youth of Odisha to get the right jobs as per their qualifications. Directorate of Employment and State Employment Mission will help you to get the placement assistance. State Employment Mission is now online where you can register you name and qualification.

Employment and Technical Education & Training Department, Government of Odisha

Employment and Technical Education & Training Department, Government of Odisha - etetodisha.gov.in

Directorate of Employment, Government of Odisha (e-nijukti)

Directorate of Employment, Government of Odisha (e-nijukti)

Employment Exchange Online and State Employment Mission Online, Odisha

Now the state employment mission is online, where you can register yourself to get special training programme and you can also choose the particular institute.

The employment exchange Online Link not started now, you can visit 
http://empmissionodisha.gov.in to check whether it goes online or not.

State Employment Mission, Directorate of Employment, Government Of Odisha
http://empmissionodisha.gov.in/Mission new job seekers can register here

State Employment Mission, Directorate of Employment, Government of Odisha

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