Saturday, August 10, 2013

Easy Way To Add Facebook Like Box On Website/Blogger - Facebook Social Plugins

Facebook Like Box is a social plugin, in which you can add your own Facebook page to your website or through which people can follow the website or blog. In like box you can see how many people like the page. So here is the way through which you can easily add Facebook Like Box to your website or blogger.

Facebook Like Box on Website and Blogger

The easiest way to add "Facebook Like Box" on website or blogger. To add the Facebook like box see the below steps.

Steps to add Facebook Like Box on your blog or website:

1)  Go to Facebook Developers Page Here For Like Box.

2) Paste your Facebook page URL in the "Facebook Page URL" box, You can set width and height in pixel, choose the color scheme and you can also customize the 'show header, show stream, show faces, show border' if you do not want any of these option on your Facebook like box, just click on the check box to remove the 'right mark'.


This is my Facebook page URL '' in your case it will be different.

See the figure 1, what I have customized for my Facebook Like Box, here it's 740 pixel width, you can set your own as per your requirement.

Create Facebook like box - Facebook Developers (Figure 1)

3) You can see a preview of your Facebook Like Box, after that click on Get Code ---> IFRAME and Copy the code and put the code on your website or blog where ever you want the plugin to appear on your page.

Facebook Like Box IFRAME Plugin Code
4) Now Login to blogger and go to your blog Click on Layout ---> Add a Gadget ---> HTML/JavaScript Now paste the code you have copied in the Content box type a Title in the Title box and click on Save.
Paste the iframe code on blogger
That's all now your Facebook Like Box has successfully added to your website or blog. To check this click on View blog you can see the Facebook like box on your website where you add the iframe code.

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