Stamp Size Photo Dimension - What is the size of a Stamp size photo

In the previous topic I have discussed about the size of a passport photo and how to create in Photoshop, from that topic we came to know that, the normal passport photo size is 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm with 300dpi. Here I will tell you about the size of a stamp size photo and a sample stamp size photo is given below with the size of 3.5cm x 3.5cm.
Stamp Size photo size - crop with adobe Photoshop
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Some Stamp Size Photo Dimensions:
  • Stamp Size : (2cm x 2.5 cm)
  • SSLC Size : (2.5cm x 2.5 cm)
  • Normal Stamp size : (2.5cm x 3 cm)
  • Pan Card Size : (2.5cm x 3.5 cm)
  • Passport Form Size : (3.5cm x 3.5 cm)
  • Normal Passport Size : (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm)
  • USA Size : (5cm x 5 cm)
  • Normal Size: (3.5cm x 4.5 cm)

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