Wednesday, September 4, 2013

MTS MBlaze Unlimited Internet Tariff Plans For Karnataka - MTS MBlaze Internet Tariffs @ 3.1Mbps

MTS MBlaze Internet Tariff Plans (2013 September) for Bangalore, Karnataka with a speed up to 3.1Mbps.

MTS MBlaze Internet Tariff Plans

  • MBlaze Unlimited Recharge Packs
  • MBlaze Regular Recharge Packs
  • MBlaze Weekend Recharge Pack
  • FRC 100

MBlaze Unlimited Recharge Packs
Amount Rs.Bundled Data UsageValidity in Days
961GB Unlimited*1
2981GB Unlimited*7
7985GB Unlimited*30
99912GB Unlimited*30
129815GB Unlimited*30
* Unlimited with fair usage policy
96 - Usage upto 1GB at 3.1Mbps, 1GB-4GB at 144kbps, 4GB onwards at 64kbps
298 - Usage upto 2GB at 3.1Mbps, 2GB-6GB at 144kbps, 6GB onwards at 64kbps
798 - Usage upto 5GB at 3.1Mbps, 5GB-8GB at 144kbps, 8GB onwards at 64kbps
999 - Usage upto 12GB at 3.1mbps, 12GB-15GB at 144kbps, 15GB onwards at 64kbps
1298 - Usage upto 15GB at 3.1Mbps, 15GB-18GB at 144kbps, 18GB onwards at 64kbps

MBlaze Regular Recharge Packs
MRP (Rs)Bundled Free UsageValidity (in days)Extra Usage Charges
198200 MB15Re.1 / MB
2481 GB21Re.1 / MB
2991 GB30Re.1 / MB
3752GB30Re.1 / MB
4903GB + Balance carry forward30Re.1 / MB
MBlaze Weekend Recharge Pack
MRP (in Rs.)Bundled UsageValidity in DaysExtra Usage Charges
2956GB on all Weekends30Re.1 / MB
*Weekend - 00hrs Saturday to 00hrs Monday
FRC 100
FRC MRPBundled UsageValidity
100*10 GB30 days
FRC (First Recharge Coupon)

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