Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Reduce Data Usage While On a 3G Limited Plan Internet Connection

Sometime you may notice that, in the case of using a 2G Internet connection with Data card/Mobile on your computer, after a half an hour browsing your total volume of data should not cross 100MB, but when you switched to 3G Internet connection your data usage will cross to 200MB.If you have 3G/2G Data card/USB Modem/Mobile you can check the total used volume of Data.

How to save 3G data usage, while having a 3G limited data plan

So here is the topic about, how you can save the data usage while surfing the Internet using a 3G data card/Mobile Phone. If you have a unlimited Data plan then not to worry about the data usage but if you have a limited data connection plan i.e. 700MB Internet Plan, 1GB or 2GB then you should little worry about data usage.

This is not trick, only an information how to control the data usage while you have a limited bandwidth or Data Plan of the Internet Plan.

How to Reduce Data Usage on a 3G Limited Internet Connection

1) Use your data card/mobile phone on the computer to check Email, Social Networks and other informative websites.

2) Disable chart option of your email or social network, because through chart it takes more data usage.

3) If you using Gmail, you can use the "Load Basic HTML" option just below right side of the loading page to reduce data usage.

4) Do not browse any video website and Play any video on the Web.

5) Do no upload large files to the Email or any other file sharing site, just upload important files.

6) Do no use any gadget on your computer which spool the information from the web i.e. Weather gadget, Currency, News Feeds etc. it update with a regular interval.

7) Do not use video calling on your computer unnecessarily using Skype or any other video calling apps.

8) If you browse the Internet through your mobile with 3G data, then it's better than to browse on a Computer. Because most of the websites have both Computer version and Mobile version of website.

9) Don't download any video, music and other files from Internet, it it's not required.

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