Monday, October 14, 2013

Your Computer Needs a Windows Certificate : (VeriSign Primary Intermediate CA Certificate) is Missing From Your Computer

If this message appear, when you install Nokia PC Suite then follow the below steps to add the Verisign primary intermediate CA certificate to your computer.

VeriSign Primary Intermediate CA Certificate Nokia PC Suite


  • Copy the Primary Intermediate CA Certificate

  • Open Notepad and Paste there and Save as Certificate1.cer

  • Now Copy the Secondary Intermediate CA Certificate

  • Paste in Notepad and Save as Certificate2.cer

  • Now open MMC Console ( Start--> Run ---> mmc ---> OK)

  • In the Console Root Click on File Menu --> Add-Remove Snap-in

  • Click on Add --> Add Standalone Snap-in ---> Select Certificates--> Click OK --> Select Computer account--> Click Next--> Click Finish

  • Click Close on Add Standalone Snap-in --> Click OK

  • Click on the + mark left to Certificates (Local Computer)

  • Right Click on Intermediate Certification Authorities--> All Tasks--> Import--> Click Next-->Browse the Certificates you have saved and Select(Here it's Certificate1)--> Click Next--> Click Next--> Finish

Certificates Import Windows XP

  • Certificate Import Wizard, The import was Successful Click OK

  • Do the Same for Certificate2

Now Install Nokia PC Suite/Nokia Suite on the Computer

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