How to Download Songs, Musics, Videos and Photos to Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone 8 - Windows XP

If you have a Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone 8 and want to download songs, videos, musics and photos etc. to your Nokia Lumia 520 then follow the steps below. So now Windows phone 8 has a File Explore option through which you can transfer musics to the Nokia Lumia 520 easily. To download or transfer Music, photos and videos to Nokia Lumia 520 you do not need any software to Install on the computer.

So here is the way, how you can transfer music, videos and photos etc. to the Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone 8. Here is the example of Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone 8 on a Windows XP Computer.


  • Connect the Nokia Lumia 520 to Computer via USB Cable

  • If it asked to Install Driver (Found New Hardware Wizard) Hit Cancel

Nokia Lumia 520 Windows phone 8 Found Driver Installation

  • Now Open your My Computer ( You will find a mobile icon "Windows Phone")

Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone 8 File Explorer

  • Double Click on Windows Phone to Open the Nokia Lumia 520 Storage

Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone 8 Properties

  • Then download songs, videos and photos from your Computer (As you transfer something to Pen Drive or Memory Card)

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