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Karbonn A2 IMEI Repair Done With File Explorer - Android IMEI Repair - WWW.FREECOMPUTERTRICKS.IN

If you have lost your IMEI No of your mobile phone Karbonn A2, then here is the way how you can repair the phone IMEI by simple steps. 

How you loose your IMEI No ?

  • If you format the phone then you may loose your IMEI
  • If you do a hard reset, in some cases you may loose the IMEI
  • Due to any other software problem on the Phone

Karbonn A2 IMEI Repair Done (Karbonn A2 IMEI Repair Problem Solved 100%)

How to Back up IMEI No of the Phone?

Most of the Android device has the IMEI No in NVRAM folder, so you can backup nvram before format or do a hard reset of the phone, but it you forgot to back up the IMEI No then you have to rebuild the IMEI No using any box i.e. Volcano, Universal Box etc. Here is the way how you can rebuild the IMEI No of Karbonn A2 by following the simple steps.

Note: Changing of IMEI No is Illegal, So Rebuilt the Original IMEI of the Phone you have. You can get the IMEI No of your phone on the back side of the mobile by removing the battery.

How to Repair/Rebuild IMEI No on Karbonn A2

Required Software to Download
Root Explorer.apk

Which can be download by using Google Search

Steps to Repair/Rebuild IMEI on Karbonn A2 (MTK6575)

  • First your phone must be rooted

  • Now extract the and run the application on computer ( It's a chines version)

  • Put the phone IMEI No in the box and click on the ??MP0B_001?? Button

  • On the same folder you will get a MP0B_001 file ( This is the IMEI file for the phone)
sn_gen ( IMIE file Generator)
  • Copy this file on SD Card and put is on the Karbonn A2

  • Install Root Explorer.apk on the phone and open it

  • Copy the MP0B_001 file from the SD Card to /data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI/

  • It will ask to overwrite Click YES

  • Then Set the Permissions to RW (Read and Write)  and Restart the Mobile

  • That's all Now your Karbonn A2 has the IMEI No ( To check you can dial *#06# on the phone)

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    1. It's 100% Tested and Working.
      The process is first Root the phone the follow the procedure above, if the phone is not successfully rooted it may not work.

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