Thursday, December 12, 2013

Samsung S5263 Successfully Flashed With UFS3 Without Any Error - 100% Solved

The Samsung S5263 has been flashed by using UFS3 with no more error messages, if you are getting any error message like app Image write failed and csc Image write failed then do the following trick to override the error and enjoy. The trick has been tested by me and recently done with Samsung S5263 Mobile Phone to Unlock. 

Samsung S5263 No more error on CSC and App Image Write Failed and Successfully Flash with UFS3


  • Select Boot Change 

  • Select boot from folder any boot file 

  • Now your device will restart after restart remove battery and put the mobile to Download/Modem Mode Vol- + Call + Power Button 

  • Then Flash in Normal way with UFS (Samsung Tools HWK v2.3.0.2 by SarasSoft  

  • Flash Files S5263DDKA5_ODD Can be download from support site 

Samsung S5263 Flashing Done with UFS3 without any errors


File: \S5263DDKA5_ODD\apps_compressed.bin
Regions : India
Language: en(bn,gu,hi,kn,mr,ms,pa,ta,te)                       
Release : 2011 January Rev: 5
S5260-bin, START: 00200000 SIZE: 02A40000 VERS: S5263DDKA5
bin Image Write Done, 44302336 byte(s), Time: 01:58
File: \S5263DDKA5_ODD\Rsrc_S5263_India.rc1
S5260-rc1, START: 03100000 SIZE: 01080000
rc1 Image Write Done, 17301504 byte(s), Time: 00:35
File: \S5263DDKA5_ODD\Rsrc2_S5263(Low).rc2
S5260-rc2, START: 0F180000 SIZE: 000B61BC
rc2 Image Write Done, 747520 byte(s), Time: 00:01
File: \S5263DDKA5_ODD\FactoryFs_S5263_India.ffs
S5260-ffs, START: 05400000 SIZE: 01403E00
FS Formated
ffs Image Write Done, 20987904 byte(s), Time: 00:44
File: \S5263DDKA5_ODD\
S5260-app, START: D0000000 SIZE: 00974000
app Image Write Done, 9912320 byte(s), Time: 00:18
File: \S5263DDKA5_ODD\
S5260-csc, START: C0000000 SIZE: 0125E004
csc Image Write Done, 19261440 byte(s), Time: 01:16
All Done, Restarting Product, Time: 05:08


In the case of and Write Error do the above trick "Boot Change" and then flash the phone with UFS.


Parthasarathi Panda

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