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Gmail - Unable to Log-in As a Different User - Gmail Help -

As we know Google has changed it's log-in/Sign-in interface i.e for Gmail, Blogger, Google+ and all other Google Products. Many of my friends and visitors asked me that when ever they try to Sign-in to Gmail it already shows an account logged in and there is no option to Sign-in as different user, in that case the password field can be entered bu you can not enter the user name because it's already showing an user name on the log in screen.

Cause: It happens when an user log in to the Gmail using your computer your browser saved the use name and when you try to open Gmail it shows that username/Email and password field is empty. 


If you are using a public computer i.e. in Cyber cafe or any other public computer you face this problem


If you not clear the browser history on the computer.

How to Solve this problem you faced:-

So here is the process how to overcome the problem you face while sign in to Gmail and how to manage Google Accounts on your computer, see the below steps.

  • Go to

  • You will find a screen like below

Gmail Sign in Help
 As you seen the picture, that already I have logged in to Gmail of any one of the Google Product and there is no option to Sign in as different user. on the above screen shot you can it has a option "Manage accounts on this device".

  • Click on Manage accounts on this device

  • Now Click on Remove

  • Click on the (X) mark near your Google account to remove the account
  • Now you will get the below screen

  • Click on Done

  • That's all now you can see the User name field and password field both are enabled on Gmail Sign in screen and now you can easily Sign in to Google using your gmail account.


Parthasarathi Panda

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  1. I am unable to sign into my gmail account because I get a full screen message to enable cookies; which were already enabled; to empty the cache which I have done and to change my privacy settings to low which I have done. Still I am unable to get past the full screen message for about two weeks now. I am using my husbands gmail account on this same computer to enter this help comment.Nancy D.

    1. Hi Nancy Thanks for the comment

      So you are unable to log in to your Gmail due to Cookies problem. Can you tell me which browser you are Using.

      Otherwise you can try the below Solutions:

      1. Use another browser to open your Gmail.
      2. Use CCleaner software to delete temporary files.
      3. Update the browser you use.
      4. If you are using other than Internet Explorer, then just reinstall it.

      If you have still having problem please post comments

      Thanks & Regards
      Parthasarathi Panda


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