Wednesday, January 1, 2014

YXTEL C930 Face Lock Solution (Volcano Tool) - - Solved 100%

Here I am going to show you how you can remove YXTEL C930 Face lock easily using Volcano Tool v2.4.2, also this tutorial helps you to remove face lock on the yxtel mobile without losing your phone data. Just Read Flash with volcano tool where you can find the password of the phone.


Read Flash with Volcano Tool v2.4.2

YXTEL C930 Mobile CPU Type-6260

yxtel c930 face lock removed with volcano tool

  • After Wrong face detection you will be asked to enter password to unlock the phone

  • Read Flash with volcano (Follow the above link or Click Here)

  • See the results of volcano tool and you will get a privacy code :6969 and this code is to unlock the phone

  • Then go to settings and and do a Factory Reset ( Use the same code) after that your phone will not ask any face lock and then off the face lock.

  • Before you did all this thing you can simply try the default security code for YXTEL C930 (6969)

If you are facing any problem feel free to post comment



  1. after i press run it just says waiting for phone response press power button to continue and it stays there without doing nothing even as i press the power button it stays there please what do i need to do.

    1. Follow the steps in below link

      First Set pinout Manually
      Then do the read flash volcano tool

    2. Otherwise try with Normal USB Cable if not success
      Create a Modified USB Cable and Read Flash with USB Mode using Volcano Tool

      Create a Modified USB Cable For Volcano Box

      Visit the above link to create modified USB Cable to flash mobile phones


      Tick on USB Mode
      Do not select Auto detect Pinouts
      Click on Run
      Connect USB Cable to Switched off phone


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