Thursday, April 10, 2014

Micromax X222 Flash Done With Volcano Tool Using USB Cable

How to Write Flash, Read Flash, Read Info and Format Micromax X222 With Volcano Tool.

  • Go to MTK Tab
  • Choose the task i.e. Read Flash
  • Un-tick Auto Detect Pinouts (This should no be selected)
  • Tick on USB Mode
  • Click Run
See the below Image

Now connect the USB Cable to Micromax X222 by pressing Menu Button (Center Button)

Micromax X222 Read Flash with Volcano Tool

In this way you can Read Info, Write Flash and Format the phone, just make sure that the "Auto Detect Pinouts" not selected this is important.

Note: When you format the Micromax X222, it will erase the IMEI No

How to Repair Micromax X222 IMEI with Volcano Tool

Just Sold Rx, Tx and Use box power cable for Micromax X222 VCC and GND

Select Auto detect Pinouts

Press the Power Button

Micromax X222 IMEI Repair Volcano Tool

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