Sunday, May 4, 2014

Micromax A26 Pattern Unlock and Hard Reset Done With Volcano Tool V2.6.3

Micromax A26 Android Release: 2.3.5 hard reset and pattern unlock successfully solved with Volcano Tool V2.6.3. To remove pattern lock and do a hard reset of Micromax A26, first you have to Root the Device and Wipe All using Volcano Box. Below is the process to unlock pattern and hard reset of Micromax A26 using ADB Root of Volcano Tool.

Micromax A26 Pattern Unlock USB Debug Mode/ Adb Root Volcano Tool

Remove pattern lock and hard reset using Adb Root is always safe than Format a Handset, because some time when you format the phone the phone may be dead. So if the phone is USB Debug Enabled then you can easily Root and Wipe all user data using Volcano Tool, some mobile phones have USB Debug Enabled by default.

How to Know USB Debug is Enabled ?

When you insert USB cable to the phone, you get a message USB connected Debug mode or check the computer device manager if the Android ADB Interface is there, that means the phone has already enabled the USB Debug Mode.

How to Pattern Unlock/Hard Reset Micromax A26 with Volcano Tool

  • Open Volcano Tool
  • Go to MTK Tab
  • Tick on One Key Root
  • Select USB Mode
  • Root: ADB_Root (To Root the Device)
  • Connect the phone to Computer with USB Cable
  • Click on Run

Micromax A26 Pattern Unlock with Volcano Tool by ADB Root

After Getting the device details the phone will restart

After Root Success the device will restart again

  • After switched ON the phone
  • Select Root : Wipe All
  • Then Click Run

After Reset the device will restart

  • Then Select Root: adb_unroot ( To Unroot the device) 
  • Click on Run

UnRoot OK.

Micromax A26 Hard Reset Volcano Tool Log:

Connecting device...
  Device connection is successful.

  Root process may restart the device several times, keep your device and data lines connected correctly.
  Getting Root privileges, please wait...
  Device Model: Micromax A26
  Android Release: 2.3.5  

Device is restarting, please keep your device and data lines connected correctly.
Forced to disconnect from the phone by other similar software, turn off them, and re-start root.
Root Success,the device is restarting.
  Being cleared, please wait...
  Clear OK, device is restarting.
>>UnRoot OK.


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