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Volcano Box Latest Update has been released, Volcano Tool V2.6.3 the latest Tool version of Volcano Box which has many more new things in it. Download Volcano Tool v2.6.3 Latest Setup 2 May, 2014.

Volcano Tool V2.6.3 What's new ?

  • Solved SPD 6531 Read Flash Makes Phone Dead
  • Solved SPD 6531 Format Makes Phone Dead
  • Solved SPD 6531 Read/Write
  • Added Coolsand RDA8851E 27LQ128 Support
  • Added New Flash IC For SPD Android 6820/8810
  • MTK Android Added New CPU MT6592 Read/Write
  • MTK Android Added New CPU MT6592 IMEI Repair

Volcano Tool V2.6.3 SPD 6531 Dead Solution and CDMA Tool v1.0

Volcano Tool Added CDMA Tool 1.0

CDMA Phones Supported List

C2829, C2830, C2831, C2835, C2839M, C2856, C2930T

C131, OT-255c

C2030, C380, C5000, C5100, CG220, OL2110

Huawei Modem
EC122, EC150, EC156, EC1260, EC1261



LG6210, RD3500, RD3510, RD3530, RD3540, RD3550, RD3600, RD3610, RD3630, RD3640, RD6100, TS3520

3xx Modems, C100, C111

B119, B139, B159, DE26, B159, DE28, B189, B199, B209, B219, B229, B229,
FD09, B259, B269, B279, B309, B319, B339FM, B619, F219, S189, S259, W169

C132, C332, F285, M131, N600+, N788, S100, S130, S160, S1602, S165,
S170, S183, S185, V9A, V9C

ZTE Modem

Download Volcano Tool Latest Setup v.2.6.3 from the below link

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