Saturday, May 3, 2014

Samsung E2252 Restart Problem Solved - How to Flash Samsung E2252 With HWK UFS3

Samsung E2252 blinking problem solved by flashing with HWK UFS3, the below is the procedure how to flash samsung e2252 with hwk ufs3. The tutorial is simple step by step and easy to understand, if you are new in Mobile Technician field the this is very useful to you, follow the tutorial and enjoy 


How to flash Samsung E2252 with UFS3

  • Open Samsung Tool HWK By SarasSoft
  • Click on Connect
  • Go to Swift Tab
  • Select Model E2252
  • Select PTT File (i.e. E2252DD.ptt)
  • Click on Write Flash
  • Then Connect USB Cable to mobile by pressing 1+3 (E213 Cable)

how to flash samsung e2252 with hwk ufs3 sarasSoft

Samsung E2252 Full Reset/Hard Reset/E2P Reset Code


Samsung Info Code


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