Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Karbonn K9 (M) Charging Ways and Mic Ways - www.FreeComputerTricks.in

Karbonn K9 M complete charging and mic ways, the below is details about the charging ways and jumpers and for the mic ways. 

If the charging track of Karbonn K9 M is damaged then this will help your to find the tracks and to apply jumper.

Karbonn K9 M Charging Ways

Karbonn K9 M Mic Ways
For charging and mic connectivity check the above Karbonn K9 (M) PCB layout and the charging and mic jumper ways.


  1. lowe battriy shutdown problem karbonn k9

    1. Remove the Capacitor near Battery connector and check if not success remove the capacitor near PA IC.

      It's only a solution for Low Battery for Karbonn K9.


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