Sunday, May 10, 2015

Utorrent Upload Speed Is More Than Download Speed - Utorrent Upload Settings

How to reduce the upload speed in Utorrent client? What the upload speed is in Utorrent? As you know when you download something using Utorrent client sometimes the upload speed is more than the download speed. If you normally adjust the upload speed, it will adjust the upload speed. For example if you set 10KBps upload speed on the torrent client, the upload speed will not limit within 10KBps, it will go high upload sometimes it goes to 150KBps to 200KBps depends on the broadband speed you have.

Utorrent Upload Speed is more than 100KBps

So how to overcome this problem? The below is some settings for Utorrent to reduce the upload speed. If you adjust the upload it will help you download something quicker then before.

How to set the upload speed U Torrent
Open uTorrent
Double click on the right button icon 
Set the upload speed as you need
Click on Save & Close

How to reduce Utorrent Upload Speed

That's all now you can see the difference in upload speed.

Utorrent Upload Speed after configuration down 6KBps


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