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PMT Changed For The ROM It Must Be Downloaded - Everything You Just To Know

Here we will discuss about the Smart Phone Flash Tool Error message "PMT changed for the ROM, it must be downloaded" and how to solve this error message comes on SP Flash tool or Smart Phone Flash Tool? So first we should know for what this error message comes, although we select the correct firmware according to the phone's model number. See the below details of this error message and solution.

PMT Changed For The ROM It Must Be Downloaded

So when you flash a phone with firmware, the phone has a partition table along with the firmware currently runs on the phone, if the selected firmware does not have the same partition table then you may get this error message, or if the phone has corrupted partition then it happens, so do not bother about that error on sp flash tool, you can easily solve this problem, the below is the descriptions.

Aqua N4 Smart Phone Flash Tool PMT Changed Solved

How to know whether its Corrupted partition Problem or firmware issue?

First check the condition of the phone and firmware details on the IMEI label. If your firmware files match with the version of the phone and if the phone is in dead condition or hangs on logo condition and you are getting this error on SP flash tool, then it means the phone having some issue with the partition table and if the firmware version does not match then it's the firmware issue, in some other cases the firmware available on internet you download not all the firmware has same version as it described on the name.

Note: Do it at your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage happened to the phone. If you are not a mobile technician and not having idea about the mobile flashing then do not try your phone may brick or dead.

PMT Changed For The ROM It Must Be Downloaded Solution:

Solution 1:
If you get this error, then try other version of the firmware and check the same version on the phone IMEI label. Your problem may solve.

Solution 2: 
You can choose the Firmware Upgrade instead of Download Only, the problem must solve, but in this process the firmware preloader will download so if the preloader is different from the phone's loader then the phone may dead, but in most cases it solved the error and phone is OK. In this process you do not need to repair IMEI.

Solution 3:
Select the firmware and format the phone on Smart Phone Flash Tool (Select Auto Format Flash) then download flash without selecting preloader. After successfully flashed you need to repair IMEI.

Aqua N4 Firmware Upgrade OK Smart Phone Flash Tool, PMT Error Aqua N4 Solved

The first solution is safe to try but the other two solutions are having some risk, sometimes the phone does not switch ON.

So here is the Intex Aqua  N4 (see the above pictures) which has the same issue and solved with the second solution, if you want to know the PMT Error Success then search this website.

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