Saturday, September 16, 2017

I Kall K23 Flash File Download - I KALL K23 Read Flash and Find Password Success Volcano Box

Here you can download "I Kall K23" flash file, download the flash file for IKALL K23 and flash the phone and also you can unlock password lock on the phone by using 'Volcano Utility' and the option find password. To use 'find password' option on Volcano box, first you need to read the full flash then use this option to unlock password lock on 'I Kall' phone. This phone has Coolsand RDA CPU CPU and below is the details of flash file and download link.

I KALL K23 flash file download:

CPU ID: 8809 4009
Flash ID : 00C86016
Flash Type: SF_GD25LQ32                
Flash Len :0x400000(4M)

I Kall K23 Read Flash Ok Coolsand RDA Volcano Box


Download 'I Kall K23' flash file here.


Download the above flash file Google Drive link and flash 'I Kall k23' phone using any flashing box i.e. Volcano box, GPG box or Miracle Box.


Detection initiated, connect the phone and power on it...
  Vcc: null
  Gnd: 5
  RX: 4, TX: 2
  please press Power on/off button...
  CPU ID: 8809 4009
  Flash ID : 00C86016
  Flash Type: SF_GD25LQ32               
  Flash Len :0x400000(4M)
  Boot downloading complete!
  Reading completed.

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