Friday, September 15, 2017

Panasonic P55 Touch Not Working After Flash - Solved

Panasonic P55 touch not working after flashing firmware and Panasonic flashing OK but touch screen not working after flash. Today we will discuss about a problem you may face while flashing Panasonic P55 Android smart phone using sp flash tool. The problem is after flashing Panasonic P55 EB-90S055P55 touch screen not work or the phone hangs on logo or hangs on start up screen. 

Why After Flash Touch Screen Not Working?

After flashing Panasonic P55 touch screen not working, this problem arises due to wrong version firmware download on the phone, and after flashing everything is working fine but the touch screen will not work. If you are facing this type problem then this topic will help you to recover your phone. After flashing with correct firmware of Panasonic P55 again touch will work fine and it's tested.

Panasonic P55 (EB-90s055p55, EB-908055p55 vlot1, EB-908055p55 v1015, Touch Not Working After Flash

Here is the model we are tested is as below:

Panasonic P55
Model No. EB-90S055P55

H/w:EB - 908055P55 vlot1
S/w:EB - 908055P55 v1015

If you are facing "after flash touch not working" then download the below firmware and flash the phone using sp flash tool and your phone will work fine, while flashing please do no select preloader. This solution is only tested and work on the above mentioned model number of Panasonic phone.

Note: While flashing please take full backup of the firmware then flash the phone using this firmware and flash the above firmware without selecting the preloader.

Download Panasonic P55 Working Firmware form the below link.

Panasonic P55 Firmware Download

After following the above process, if the touch screen not working for you then you must have the hardware fault on the Panasonic P55 Android smart phone. This is only tested on the case of after flashing the phone touch screen not working but before flash touch was working fine.

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