J700F sw rev check fail device 4 binary 3 - 100% Tested Soluiton Here

When you flash the Samsung J7 (J700F/DD) you may get this error called 'sw rev check fail device 4 binary 3' or something similar to this with the changing of numbers i.e. 'sw rev check fail device 2 binary 1' and 'sw rev check fail device 3 binary 2' etc. So here we will discuss about these errors on Samsung J700F while flashing firmware and give the 100% working solution here. 

The Error "SW REV. Check Fail" On J7 I Faced Today:

Today when I flash the Samsung J7 using 'Odin3 flash tool' it shows the error "sw rev check fail device 4 binary 3" on download mode screen on the smart phone and on Odin3 it shows fail, and when I try to switch ON the device, it won't switched ON, only shows an error message like "An error has occurred while updating  the device software. Use the Emergency recovery function in the Smart Switch PC Software". Then I try to use the "Smart Switch" PC software to recover the phone but when put Model No. and S.N. Number on "Smart Switch" it shows not found any firmware for this Model please type the correct Model No. and Serial No. although I provided correctly according to the IMEI sticker on the phone. I also try to solve this problem using 'Kies' but it shows same error and then I try to search on "Internet" but did not get the exact solution for this, but after a long time finally, I solved this error and here share the process to help others.

Samsung J7, J700f sw rev check fail device 4 binary 3 100% Solution Here

Why This Error Comes?

This error comes due to downgrade the phone software, that means if the phone has updated to latest Android version 6.0.1 on J7 and you try to flash with 5.0 Android version. After upgrade to Android version 6.0.1 the Boot Loader of the phone also updated so it does not allow Downgrade the Boot Loader.

Solution For SW REV Check Fail on Samsung J7:

This step by step procedure is tested on Samsung J7 (J700F/DD) model and 100% working for me. Please follow the below process to recover Samsung J7.


1- Download J700F Latest Firmware (Android Version 6.0.1) Here
2- Download Odin3 (v3.12.7) Here
3- Now extract the firmware and you will get
4- Now extract odin3_v3.12.7.zip and Open "Odin3 v3.12.7.exe"
5- Now click on "AP" and select the "HOME.tar" File
6- Now put the Samsung J7 into Download Mode (Volume Down+Home+Power Key and Then Press Volume UP to confirm)
7- Now click on Start button on Odin3 and wait until the flashing process complete.

That's all now you have successfully recovered the Samsung J700F using Odin3 and latest Android 6.0.1 firmware. If still you are facing any problem with J700F while flashing firmware, please ask through comments.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the solution, i have done the method, after the process complete, it says clock stopped working, dialer stopped working, camera stopped working etc etc, what is the solution of this errors

    1. If after flashing Samsung J700F you are getting there errors i.e. Camera, Dialer or Clock stooped working or unfortunately stopped the apps, then try the following solutions you must success.


      1) Hard Reset the phone after flashing. (99% Solve)
      2) Connect the phone to the Internet and do firmware update.
      3) If you still not success, then please download another version of firmware.

      If you success with this process, then please reply with comments.

      Thanks & Regards

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    2. Thanks Brother it works, Thanks alot

      Amaizing work


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