Sunday, September 17, 2017

Samsung SM-J700F J700FXXU4BQE3 Android 6.0.1 FRP Bypass - Solved

How to remove frp lock on Samsung SM-J700F/DD? Here in this topic you can get 100% solution for Samsung J7 FRP lock and know how to unlock FRP with simple steps. Here is the example of Samsung SM-J700F runs on Android 6.0.1 and how you can easily remove frp lock on the device. Please see the below step by step process to unlock frp on J700F.

SM-J700F Version Info:

Model No.: J700F/DD
Android Version : Marshmallow Android 6.0.1
Version Info:


SM-J700F Samsung Smart Phone FRP Locked
1 SD Card at-least to have 30-40 MB apk file
Android_6_Google_Account_Manager.apk (Download from the below link)
New_FRP_Bypass_2018.apk (Download from the below link)
Battery must be 50% charged or more
Internet Access Using WiFi
SM-J700F FRP Unlock Solution:

1- Copy the below 2 files to SD card and insert it in the phone and switch ON.
2- Then click Next until it ask to connect to WiFi stop there.
    and First connect to your WiFi  and then
    click on "MORE" then "Add Network"
3- Now type anything in "Network Name" and select it and click on "Assist" icon.
4- Now the Google App will open, then type settings and click on it to Open "Settings".
J700F FRP Unlock Solution Android 6.0.1
 5- Now scroll down to "Storage" and open it.
6- You can see both storage 'Internal Storage' and 'SD Card'.
7- Now touch on "Internal Storage" to open it and then click on "Explore" at the end of the screen.
8- Now click on "Back Arrow"  (Top left side on the screen)
9- Now open "SD Card" and first install Account Manager APK and then Install FRP Bypass APK and Open it.
10- Now it will ask to "Re-Type password" then click on 'Browser sign-in' (click on 3 dots at the top right corner on the screen)
11- Now enter any Gmail ID and Password and sign-in, after sign-in it will automatically closed the page, don't worry just restart the device and click next and finish. The phone should connected to the Internet.

File to be copied in SD Card:


You can download frp unlock and account manager apk from the below link.


Download All FRP Unlock/Bypass APK Here

Please read this Samsung J7 J700F/DD FRP Unlock or FRP Bypass topic carefully and then follow step by step to unlock or bypass frp lock your device, it's 100% tested and working fine.

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