Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mi 4x Mai132 EDL Mode 100% Solution

Mi edl mode solution and how to force edl mode on Mi phones and Mi edl test point solution, in this topic we will show you how you can put the Xiaomi Redmi Mi 4x Mai132 to edl mode. In this model "edl mode" command and 'edl mode cable' will not work so you need to follow some trick to enable edl mode on Mi 4x Mai132. This process is force the Mi Mobile to boot in to edl mode, so please use at your own risk. This edl mode process on Mi 4x Mai 132 is tested and work fine.

Xiaomi Redmi Mi 4X Mai132 EDL Mode:

See the below picture to know how to enable or force edl mode on Mi 4x Mai132 smart phone. As shown in the image just connect that two points using tweezer and then connect the USB cable to the phone, after it's detected on the PC just remove the tweezer and flash the phone using Mi flash tool.

Xiaomi Redmi Mi 4x Mai132 EDL Mode Solution - All Mi EDL Mode Solution Here

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You can also watch the video regarding Edl mode on Mi 4x Mai132, please watch video here and you also visit our Free Computer Tricks YouTube Channel for more video tutorials.

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