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Redmi Note 4 2016100 Locked EDL Mode And Mi Account - All In One Solution

Here in this topic you will get Redmi note 4 (2016100) locked edl mode and Mi account solutions and possible ways to unlock edl mode on this smart phone. There are some methods to unlock edl mode of redmi note 4, here we will discuss about the process and you can try any one of these method and hope you will successfully put the redmi note 4 into edl or download mode. The edl mode is only available in those smart phones run on Qualcomm platform. If you know any other way to unlock or enter the redmi note 4 in to edl mode then please post through comments.

Xiaomi Redmi Mi EDL Mode - Qualcomm QDLoader - USB Driver Installed On PC
In this topic we will discuss about Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (2016100) locked edl mode and mi account. As you know on Redmi Note 4 we can easily enter into edl mode by using EDL Cable or EDL Command but extacly on the same model (Redmi Note 4) we wil not able to boot the phone into edl mode, because the phone has been updated to latest MIUI i.e. MIUI Version 8 or 9. If you are update the Mi phone to latest MIUI then the edl mode wil be locked or disabled and you will not able to enter into edl mode by using edl USB cable or EDL command, but by using the below methods you can access the edl mode on Redmi Note 4.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (2016100) EDL Mode Solutions:

There are two main process to enter in to edl mode on xiaomi mi redmi note 4, one is using fastboot tool, that means software method and the second one is hardware method, here we will discuss both of methods below.

Xiaomi Redmi Mi 4 (2016100) Edl Mode Software Process:
Xiaomi redmi note 4 edl mode using Fastboot Tool, software tool, Edl Commands.

Method 1

1. Put the phone in to Fastboot Mode (Hold Volume Down and Connect USB Cable)
2. Download the from Here.
3. Extract the zip in your desktop
4. Open the folder and double Click on Reboot.bat
5. Now your device will reboot to EDL mode, then install Qualcomm edl USB driver.
6. Now flash Mi fastboot ROM using Mi Flash Tool.

Method 2

1. Download this Fastboot tool Here.
2. Reboot the phone to Fastboot Mode.
3. Now Open the fastboot tool and press number 4 and press Enter.
4. Now the phone will reboot in to edl mode.

Xiaomi Redmi Mi4 (2016100) Edl Mode Hardware Process:

Redmi mi 4 edl mode, how to use edl mode on redmi phones using hardware method, please see the below picture.

Method 1

1. See the "edl mode 1" image.
2. Shot or connect this two points.
3. Remove Battery and connect the phone to PC.
4. If the phone is not detected then connect battery again.

Redmi Note 4 EDL Mode Hardware Method 1 (edl mode 1)
In this way you can put the phone to edl mode using hardware method. In this method you need to do some changed if the phone is not detected, as shown on the above image connect this tow points, then remove battery and then connect the phone to PC, but in some cases after connect the phone to PC just connect the Battery again or just remove the connected points.

Method 2

1. See the "edl Mode 2" image. (This is the new process for edl mode redmi note 4 and success if all the above methods not work)
2. Shot or connect this two points.
3. Now connect the phone PC and install Qualcomm Edl mode USB driver.

Redmi Note 4 EDL Mode Hardware Method 2 (edl Mode 2)

After enter to edl mode you can easily flash the phone using Mi flash tool and fastboot rom with 'clean_all.bat' to remove Mi account. Download the correct firmware for the Mi smart phones then flash.

Note: This topic is only for tutorial purpose and we are not responsible for any kind of damage happens to the phone.

These process will help you to put Redmi Note 4 into edl mode, any one of these method will work for you. So in this topic you can do the followings on Redmi Note 4.

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