Thursday, November 16, 2017

Redmi Note 3 (2015116) Black/Blank Screen Solution

The Xiomi Redmi Note 3 (2015116) suddenly goes off and when you try to switch on the device it will show only a blank screen with negligible light on the screen at the same time you will able to get incoming call but unable receive. If you are facing this problem on your Redmi Note 3 then please do the followings to get the solution.

Xiomi Redmi Note 3 (2015116) Blank Screen Solution

Redmi Note 3 Suddenly Black Screen:

Today we got this problem on a Redmi Note 3 Android smart phone, the phone had nothing on the screen, when try to switch on the phone it shows a blank screen with negligible light. If you need the solution for this please see the below.


Try the following steps one by one to solve the blank screen problem on Redmi Note3 (2015116).

1- Flash the phone with EDL mode.
2- Change the Motherboard/Mainboard and check.
3- Change the LCD and check.

In our case the problem has solved by replacing the Mainboard and now the phone is working fine.

Note: Change the Motherboard or Mainboard only at Mi Authorized Service Center with proper bill, because when you changed the main-board the IMEI will be changed.

You can check the Blank screen video here:

Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Snapdragon, Suddenly Black Screen or Blank Display

Note: This topic is only for tutorial purpose and helps to get the possible solutions.

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