Friday, November 17, 2017

Samsung J2 (SM-J200G/DD) Hang On Logo Solution Here

Today we will discuss about, one of the common problem on Samsung J2 SM-J200G/DD, which is hang on logo or stuck on logo and how to solve it. So here we will show you how to find out the proper solution for the Samsung J2 hang on logo.

Samsung J2 SM-J200G Hang on logo solution

Let's Understand:

When you switch on a working Samsung J2 phone you will see two boot screen or logo of Samsung, the first boot logo is "Samsung Galaxy J2 Powered By Android" and the other one is "SAMSUNG" which you will see just after a few seconds  of the first boot screen. The second boot logo comes with a animated effect and you will here the boot sound of Samsung, So here we know and clear that there are 2 types of logo appear on the Samsung J2 screen when we switch on the phone.

First Logo is "Samsung Galaxy J2 Powered By Android"
Second Logo is  "SAMSUNG"

So when you try to find out the solution for the hang on logo problem on Samsung J2, first check the problem whether it's stuck on the first boot logo or on the second boot logo. If the phone stuck on first boot logo then it's 100% due to hardware problem and if it's suck on the second boot logo then it's the software problem, in that case you can flash the phone with latest Samsung J2 firmware and recover the phone.

Samsung J2 Hang On Logo Due To Hardware Fault:

How we can check that the Samsung J2 hang on logo problem is due to hardware fault? as I said before if the phone hang on the first boot logo then it's the hardware fault, to confirm that you can check the below.
  • You will not able to boot in to Recovery mode.
  • If you remove the LCD connector you will hear the boot sound and the phone will switch on.

How to Solve Samsung J2 Hang on logo:

If the phone hang on second boot logo that means it's having some Firmware or Software issue, in that case you can flash the phone and it will be OK for you. If you have the hardware issue, it can be solved by replacing LCD and Touch. You can also clean the touch connector and try.


  1. My sm-j200/dd is boot in first log and after that its shutdown.But i can enter recovery mode.when i enter recovery it shows 1.e: failed to mount efs(invalid argument)
    2.drk error.
    3.need to check drk first..

    What is wrong with my phone.

    1. EFS corrupted you need to repair efs using Mobile flashing box


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