Sunday, November 19, 2017

Samsung C3322i Charging Ways

Samsung C3322i charging problem and charging ways, if you face charging problem or unable to get the charging v+ point or if the charging connector legs are not properly connected to the charging IC, then this topic will help you to rectify the charging problem or to find the v+ way to the charging IC on Samsung C3322i, you can find here the complete solution for charging problem on Samsung C3322i.

Samsung C3322i Complete Charging Ways:

Remove the charging connector and check the positive connectivity with multi-meter, if the V positive is not connected to the capacitor near charging IC, then you may face the charging problem on the Phone. So please apply jumper from the charging connector (V +) to the capacitor near charging IC and the charging problem will be solved, for better understand please see the below picture of Samsung Charging Ways for the model C3322i.

Samsung C3322i Charging Ways (
 As shown in the above image make jumper from charging connector positive point to the capacitor near charging IC on Samsung C3322i to solve charging problem or not charging solution.

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