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Get All Qualcomm Phone FRP Unlock Solutions Here

Do you want to flash firmware on your Smartphone having Qualcomm chipset? then here is the complete tutorial about OTA updates of Smartphone runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU or chip set. The process includes How to get OTA update through the Android phone and another process is how you can manually download OTA update or Full firmware flash with Android mobile flash tools. Let's have an idea, such as if you have a Micromax phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and chip-set, for Example Micromax Dual 5 E4820 which has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 Octa Core 1.8 GHz Processor.

Let's Have A Look at The Technical Specs of Micromax E4820:
The phone has 4 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM and you can expand Up-to 128 GB using micro-SD card. The 5.5 inch Full HD Display Micromax Android smartphone has implement a new feature of Dual Main camera and this model has 13MP + 13MP Dual Rear Camera and 13MP Front Camera also. It has a high capacity battery with 3200 mAh , which gives you more backup. The phone runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 Octa Core 1.8GHz Processor with Adreno 510 GPU, if you look at the Operating system, the E4820 has Android 6 (Marshmallow), for current price tag of this phone you can visit any online stores or physical outlets. Coming to the point, How to bypass frp lock on any Qualcomm smartphones, and here in this tutorial we will give all possible solutions to unlock factory reset protection (FRP), frp unlock has many names, such as bypass frp, reset frp, remove frp lock, bypass Google lock, bypass Email lock, bypass reactivation and some also called it Wi-Fi lock as it is stuck on Connect to Wi-Fi page, so whatever it may be, just check and go through this article to know the Official way to unlock FRP as well as you can use Non-Official Bypass FRP, if you use unofficial ways to bypass frp lock in which you may void warranty of the phone.


Qualcomm FRP Unlock Official Way:

If you forgot your Gmail id and password which you have used on the phone, and this Email id and password  is the FRP unlock id and password, So if you recover the Gmail id and password previously synced with the phone, then you can easily bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on your Android device. Recovery of Gmail details using Google Account Recovery option is the official way to unlock the device and good thing is the warranty of the phone will not void. So we recommended you to use official FRP unlock method, which is given below. If you successfully recover the Email, then you can unlock the device as well as you can restore files, photos, contacts etc. if backed-up with the Email id.

Steps to Recovery your Forgotten Gmail Id and Password?

How to recover Factory Reset Protection (FRP) user id and password using Google Account recovery official method. After hard reset the phone connect it to Wi-Fi or use your phone's data connection (recommended to use Wi-Fi for speed Internet connectivity), now enter the Email id or phone number and click on forgot password (Remember it's always better to give your Mobile Number while signup for Google account or Gmail, which helps you a lot to recover the Account details). After entering the Email id, if not remembered then enter the phone number, now click on forgot password link just below of it and the Google account recovery option may ask the following questions, which you need to answer to unlock or recover you Gmail account or so called FRP Email id and Password.
  1. Your Mobile Number (It's the most effective and fast process to recover Gmail, if you linked your Mobile Number in the Google account), If is so easy just enter the phone number and verify OTP and you are done.
  2. When you created the  Google account?
  3. Your First Name and Last Name (Must be same with the sign up process)
  4. Your Last password you remember.
  5. Recovery Email Id (If you mentioned your another Gmail id as Recovery Email at the time of sign up process)
  6. For more details on Google Account Recovery Method Please Visit Here.

Qualcomm FRP Bypass Using Non-Official Methods:

In some cases you can not recover your Gmail Id and Password, so at that situation you need to follow this frp unlock process, but it's not recommended as it void the device warranty, and if so then it must be completely at your own risk, and if the FRP locked device is completely yours then use these process otherwise do not even try with other's Android smartphones or device, it may be consider as crime as per your country's law. This article is completely for Tutorial purpose and for those who forgot their Google Account Details.

Qualcomm FRP Bypass Using Free Tools:

There are some Qualcomm flash and frp bypass tool can be used for bypassing frp lock and also use for flashing Qualcomm based smartphones. So let's have a look at these free Qualcomm unlock and flash tools, QFIL (Qualcomm Flash Loader), QPST flash tool, YGDP Flash Tool, these tools can be download here. You can also use Miracle Box flash tool for flashing and unlocking any smartphones runs on any Android version. RBsoft mobile flash and unlock tool also helps to unlock the phone, some of the Android devices having Qualcomm chipset can be factory reset or hard reset or reset frp using this tool, such as Redmi, Oppo, Vivo, Micromax etc. with Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU or Chipset.

If you need FRP Bypass for any particular Qualcomm Android phone then please feel free to ask through comments, and if we have the solution for that phone defiantly share the complete procedure with you, by writing a new frp unlock tutorial and share the link by posting a comment. We have solved so many mobile unlock and flashing procedure, so please search the website before posting.

Qualcomm Free FRP Unlock and Flash Tool 2018:

1) Use QFIL Flash and Unlock Tool For Qualcomm Android Smartphones FREE! Link

2) QPST Flash and Unlock Tool For Qualcomm Android Smartphones FREE! Link

3) YGDP Flash and Unlock Tool For Qualcomm Android Smartphones FREE! Link

4) Miracle Box Software Tool Flash and Unlock Qualcomm Smartphones FREE! Link

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